Yudhi Soetrisno


       It has been widely known that the Cirata reservoir has been
heavily polluted by waste from aquaculture and Industry. This
research was conducted to determine the spread of organic matter
in the waters of the Cirata reservoir
       The result revealed that Cirata reservoir has heavily polluted
by organic waste, so since the year 1997 has become a hypertrophic
waters, and until the year 2003 the situation has not changed. If the
pollutant load is not also decrease the Cirata reservoir feared would
turn into "a the biggest cesspool in the world. that will create various
negative impacts, like the mass death of fish culture which
sometimes have occurred in Cirata reservoir.
       Organic matter (pollutant) in dam Cirata water bodies
dominated by dissolved organic matter with a range between 68,2-
84,2 percent. Organic matter in the inlet water (derived from B.
Saguling) tend to be greater than in the water at the outlet so that
implied that some organic matter carried in water S. Citarum were
sedimentated and decomposed in Cirata reservoir.
       Fraction of life particle organic matter in total organic matter
in the water in the Cirata reservoir and outlets tend to be larger than
the water in the inlet which entering water from Saguling reservoir.


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