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Herman Hidayat
Adiarso Adiarso


The effect of adding sulfur in Central Banko coal liquefaction is examined using
autoclave reactor with limonite catalyst from Soroako, at 450oC, H2 initial
pressure = 9 Mpa, holding time = 60 minutes, and S/Fe ratio varies from 1, 2, 3
dan 6. It is found that there is significant increase in distillates yield by 53,81% for
the increase of S/Fe ratio from 1 to 2, and at the same time CLB decreases from
53,5% to 29,47%. This is because the amount of pyrrhotite for S/Fe ratio =2 is
high and enough to promote cracking to convert coal to distillates or oil. For S/Fe
ratio = 3, the increase of distillates or oil yield is not significant, so does for S/Fe
= 6. This concludes that adding more sulfur in Central Banko coal liquefaction
using limonite catalyst from Soroako is not effective and therefore does not
influence much to the oil yield. This is because the particle size and amount of
pyrrhotite already achieves equilibrium for S/Fe ratio = 2. The changing of S/Fe
ratio does not give much effect to the yields of H2O, CO+CO2, C1~C4,and
hydrogen consumption as well..
Kata Kunci : limonit Soroako, rasio S/Fe,yield distilat, yield CLB, pirhotit, yield
H2O, yield CO+CO2, yield C1~C4, konsumsi gas hidrogen

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Hidayat, H., & Adiarso, A. (2006). PENGARUH PENAMBAHAN SULFUR PADA PROSES PENCAIRAN BATUBARA BANKO. Jurnal Energi Dan Lingkungan (Enerlink), 2(2).