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Achmad Hasan


Identify potential energy savings is one way to optimize the supply and use of
energy in industrial sector. Electrical energy supplied by PT. PLN (Persero) with
installed power capacity of 30,000 kVA. Electrical energy to the production
process with a voltage of 20 kV through 11 (eleven) units transformer. Based on
the results of power quality measurements with HIOKI 3197 and HIOKI 3286-20
show as seen in the previous section, it can be seen that: (a) load unbalances
seen from the voltage and current in the transformer MCC-01 and the
transformer E-34. (b) magnitude fluctuating voltage on the main transformer
phase S and T. Even the relatively high voltage (up to 233 V) on the transformer
lighting. (c) the power factor is around 0.92 is good enough, but the power factor
at the transformer low enough E-34 which reached 0.56. The power factor on
transformer lighting value -1 (leading). (d) total harmonic distortion (THD) voltage
and current transformer at some fairly high beyond the limit of tolerance. There
are several potential energy savings that can be identified, among others:
decrease the voltage and current THD, reduction of reactive power consumption
in lighting, improved load balancing.
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