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Suryo Busono
Edi Hilmawan


Remote Source Solar Lighting (RSSL) is an innovation in lighting technology in the building to transfer
natural light into areas which are not covered by conventional natural lighting techniques. In this study,
RSSL applications in an Office Building in the Puspiptek Area Tangsel has been examined.
Measurement and simulation are used evaluate the effectiveness of the use of RSSL in illuminating
areas that do not have access to outside light. Advanced simulation was conducted to compare the
use of artificial light to produce the same illumination level. The measurement results show that the
Solar Light Collector combined with Light Tube is able to transfer light from the outside into the room
with a level of efficiency of 39.48%. Utilization of light focusing module can improve the efficiency of
light distribution with an efficiency of up to 56.1%.The simulation results show that RSSL with light tube
diameter of 35 cm, capable of illuminating an area that does not have access to the outside with
illumination level up to 219 Lux at the zenith ilumination of 89000 Lux. However, RSSL is no longer
effective when the zenith illumination down to 26000 Lux. Comparison between CFL bulbs with RSSL,
with the same lighting point, when the zenith illumination levelis average or higher, RSSL provide
lighting levels on par with CFL bulbs, but still lower than the LED lights. When the zenith illumination is
low / minimal then 14 points RSSL only able to provide lighting equivalent to 8 points CFL.
Key Words: Energy conservation in commercial building, smart building, natural lighting, Remote
Source Solar Lighting


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