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Soedjoko Tirtosoekotjo
Bambang Suwondo Rahardjo


There are 3 choices in accommodating power station facility which have been
installed to fulfill standard regulation of environmental quality which progressively
tighten. Firstly, facility modification of pulverized–coal fired power plant by
applying a flue–gas desulfurisation technology throw away to cost money
installation of tired which can 20% of total cost development of it. Secondly,
modification system of coal fired power generation become natural gas combined
cycle (NGCC) can reach low emission, but fuel cost relatively high, so will
influence the electricity generating cost. Third, modification system of electric
generation which have been installed by utilizing a mechanism of coal
gasification is most efficient and best alternative to yield an environmental
friendly of electric generation combined cycle. In this paper, writer try to make a
basic design of circulating fluidized–bed coal gasifier using clay catalist related
on third choice which expected applicable in the next future to come replace
power station system which have ended a period as well as newly even if.
Kata Kunci: gasifier batubara unggun mengambang, katalis tanah liat,
pembangkit listrik

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Tirtosoekotjo, S., & Rahardjo, B. S. (2011). RANCANGAN DASAR GASIFIER BATUBARA SIRKULASI UNGGUN MENGAMBANG UNTUK MEMBANGKITKAN LISTRIK 1 MW. Jurnal Energi Dan Lingkungan (Enerlink), 7(1), 16–25. https://doi.org/10.29122/elk.v7i1.2730


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