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Nugroho Adi Sasongko
Anton Rahmawan
Hartadhi Hartadhi
Arga Febriantoni
Winaldha Erza N.H.
M. Taufiqi Arrais
Agus Rochmansyah


Palm oil waste such as Palm Mill Effluent (POME) can endanger the environment, sincePOME still
contains organic compounds with highCOD and BOD. To reduce COD and BOD level, POME needs to
be processed into environmentally friendly and useful products. One of the products is biogas, which
can be used as fuel for gas engines to produce electricity. Biogas can be an alternative to diesel fuel.
The results of the study indicatedthat the amount of biogas content from the new POME waste process
can be used to supply gas engines. It is necessary to optimize the design of the Human Machine
Interface (HMI)ofthe biogas cleaning system such as bioscrubber, dehumidifier, and blower units,
using instrumentation and control software called Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench
Laboratory (LabVIEW). LabVIEWis a system design platform and development environment for visual
programming languages from National Instruments (NI), USA. Instrumentation and control systems
are designed for automation with graphic programming languages. The built-in interface helps simplify
complex functions such as visualizing the control system in a large database and system-processing
optimization that has been designed.
Kata kunci: biogas, gas engine, gas handling, labVIEW, POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)

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Sasongko, N. A., Rahmawan, A., Hartadhi, H., Febriantoni, A., N.H., W. E., Arrais, M. T., & Rochmansyah, A. (2020). HMI SIMULATION OF BIOGAS HANDLING OF GAS ENGINE SYSTEM. Jurnal Energi Dan Lingkungan (Enerlink), 14(2).