Kajian Literatur Perkembangan Inovasi Teknologi Tekstil Berbasis Silikon Polimer

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Nandang Suhendra
Muslim Efendi Harahap
Saeful Rochman
Seto Roseno


DEVELOPMENT OF SILICONE-BASED TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION - LITERATURE STUDY. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the key innovative pathways in developing silicone-based  textiles to date using resources available in the public domain regarding "smart textiles" which are translated into Indonesian as "Smart Textile" or "Textile Intelligent". The material of this paper is taken from various literatures which are textbooks (academic), commercial products and issued patents. Based on the literature obtained it is reported that silicone can be integrated into textiles, where integration can be achieved by inserting silicone into textile surfaces, and silicone are added at the textile or silicone manufacturing stage combined at the yarn stage. The integration method can affect the nature of the yarn network in fabrics / textiles, such as the flexibility of the fabric.

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