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Teguh Prayogo


Water is a component in the earth that is very important for human life. The availability
of water is always wanted to meet a demand of water supply, such as for drinking
water, washing, taking a bath, and etc. Along with population growth, so the need of
water will be still increasing, including Tanah Datar. In this paper will be described
concerning to characteristics, and condition of water in Pacitan Area, East Java
Province, especially Donorojo district. This location occupies geographically between
the latitude of 00o17’ and 00o39’ south and the longitude of 100o19’ and 100o51’ east
Based on survey in field, condition of aquifer in Telaga Banta is located in 20 – 60
meter depth, and the result of laboratory points to that the quality of water in this
area meets the requirement for drinking water.
The main uses of ground water include irrigation uses, drinking-water and other
public uses, and for supplying domestic water to people who do not receive publicsupply water. The majority of water used for self-supplied domestic and livestock
purposes came from ground-water sources.

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