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Amita Indah Sitomurni


Environment is now an important global current issue and as a factor that
must be considered in the implementation of Indonesian national
development. Entering globalization era, the condition of environment will
be one of the parameters required for a country to be accepted in the
world free trade community. Instead, a country with bad environment can
therefore be charged for a penalty, such as a limited export quota. For
that reason, starting now, Indonesia should improve their environmental
condition by implementing a good environmental management in order to
attain the standard of a good environment. If Indonesia cannot achieve
this goal, Indonesia will be used by other countries as their big market,
without the ability of Indonesia to export their products. If the standard has
been fulfilled, Indonesia can be part of the world free trade community in
which this is a benefit for Indonesia itself. Without lowering the pace of
development growth, national development through holistic environmental
management would be a proper program to implement. This program is
considering the impact of development to the environment and this
program was commencing by the Indonesian government since 1970.
However, it seems that the holistic environmental development has not
been running smoothly, especially at the soft sides of development, such
as people awareness, environmental law, law enforcement, arbitrary
committee, community development, environmental information including
people rights to get those information, the role of non-government
organization, etc.By considering the importance of environmental
development in a holistic way to fulfill the globalization requirements, this
paper would be focused on the factors that may inhibit the national
development. Those are factors that affect sustainability of environmental
functions. Solution to the problems may also generally be described.

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