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Djoko Padmono


This article contained several differences of the theory about anaerobic
sludge granulation biogas in the UASB reactor. The level of the granulation
formation of the beginning followed same principles as the formation bio-
film from the bacteria to a surface field. There exist strong facts that the
material inert played a positive role important and granulation. Most
researchers took the conclusion that Methanosaeta concilii was the main
key to the formation of granulation. Only Town Stamp hypotheses that
assumed that the organism autotrophic hydrogenotrophic like for example
Methanobacterium from strain AZ, could grow in the condition high H2-
pressure, was the key to the formation organism of granulation. Several
writers focus in the stage granulation early and only several contributions
that discussed the following stage in granulation included maturation
granulation and multiplication. Determining factors granular in the latter
stage was dominated in the existence of the manipulation of the pressure
election, through which particle of bigger sludge selectively was kept in
the UASB reactor.

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